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  • Dignified... Compassionate... Personal...


Everything you need to know to ensure a fitting tribute to your loved one:

The memorial you choose to dedicate to the memory of your loved one is a unique and special choice for you.   It will be your everlasting reminder of the times you shared... and represents your own very personal place of reflection.  A place where memories will flood back to you as you celebrate the life of the person who has gone before you.

Our Monumental Mason (Christopher Evans) is the ONLY qualified and insured Monumental Mason in the Dubbo Region.  

For peace of mind why risk un-qualified Mason's?

We invite you to make an appointment and visit our office in Dubbo by contacting us through this page or call (02)6881 8988. 

We are here to help you choose the exact memorial you need.

A headstone is an enduring tribute to a person who has died. It provides tangible evidence of a life lived, and a sense of focus for the bereaved to remember and reflect.

A headstone plays an important role in the grieving process. It forms a link between the past, present and future, helping to unify families and generations. 

Remember if the monument you wish for is not seen here then we are happy to design a headstone to your exact wishes or if you know of a headstone simlar to the style you wish for, simply take a photo of the headstone and send it us.


Further information regarding Headstones please see our Abbey Stone and Bronze Site